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September 2019 – registration of the Company.

Since the inception of the company, our main task has been to launch the production of a drug for the treatment of cancer. For more than six months we have been negotiating with A.P. Frantsev , a biologist from Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there was a development that interested us, called "Fran", with declared anticancer activity. However, we never came to an agreement on cooperation with A.P. Frantsev . Also in the process of negotiations, we kept looking for other interesting developments.

March 2020  –  we started to study the development of herbal medicines open

Within a month, we have been collecting feedback on the use of this product, and they have shown very good results. Already in June 2020, we launched the production of a drug called “Rusich balm”. This drug is now available at Wildberries marketplace

June 2020  –  we invested part of the funds in Yllo labs IT-company open 

The company has been operating since 2014, it has been developing in the field of blockchain, and brings to the market a product developed on its own blockchain.
Company developments: operating system, messenger, blockchain . On its blockchain Yllo has already begun to build new projects.

September 2020  –  we found a very interesting development called  “AstroMelanin" 

The history of this development began in the 60s of the last century. There is a large amount of scientific evidence and evidence in the ability of AstroMelanin to cure cancer. For two years, we have been studying materials on the development and technology of its production. We wrote about this in detail in our news and official sources of information.

At the moment, we already have our own technology for the production and isolation of the drug, with confirmation of data from the laboratory. Drug's code name is "Alginar".

The product we received fully complies with the specified parameters.

Alginar presentation open

Now Alginar is our main direction, and we are preparing to launch the industrial production of the drug.

February 2021  –  we paid the first dividends to investors.

July 2021  –  dividend payment

July 2022  –  dividend payment

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