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Development of ASTROMELANIN

Results of work in the direction of AstroMelanin:

From cultivated strains we obtained 10 liters of Nigro suspension and 10 liters of Alcolophilus suspension. These strains have established themselves as good producers of animal melanin. Through long-term selection of methods for isolating the corresponding strains from the biomass, 17 grams of dry Nigro cells and 32 grams of Alcolophilus cells have been obtained. According to the original methods developed by us for the isolation of melanin from dry cells, 1.5 grams of purified primary melanin Nigro and 2.5 grams of melanin from Alcolophilus's cells have been obtained.

It was found that starting from the fourth extraction, for both strains, there is a sharp decrease in antioxidant activity, shown by the EPR method (electron paramagnetic resonance).

Also using this method more than high antioxidant activity of these strains was confirmed - 10/19 spins per gram, this dimension is used when we talk about the antioxidant activity. This figure is the highest to date of all known strains of fungi.

We also examined these samples and established the probable structure of melanins by solid-phase NMR spectroscopy (nuclear magnetic resonance). It should be noted that our data correlate well with literature sources. Moreover, water-soluble forms of melanin have been prepared for research on anticancer activity in cancer cell cultures.

And now we are reparing for IN VITRO or IN VIVO tests.

After that, preparations for preclinical studies will begin.