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Finance report for 2021

Total investment income: $208,846

Balance of previous period: $261,498

Total balance: $470,344

Bonus payments to United Financial Group partners: $86,569

Investment activity license: $4,015

Investment in Yllo One (XLT): $25,000

Payroll budget: $78,138

Administrative expenses (Domain, server rental, online chat, website development, hosting, webinar room, personal account of the company, rental payments): $9,596

Raw materials and packaging for the production of balm: $1,200

Business expenses (transportation expenses, courier delivery, mailing service, landing page development, marketing and advertising expenses, advertising banners, design): $23,427

Organizational costs: (banking, powers of attorney, transport, legal, registration of certificates and other documents): $9,034

Rent: $16,800

Astromelanin Program: $79,990

Travel expenses: $2,603

Other expenses (refunds to investors, translators, consulting expenses): $6,602

Total expenses: $326 174

Balance: $144 170