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News Main prize - Metzger Hypebeast

Main prize - Metzger Hypebeast

The start of the next PvP tournament is scheduled for this Thursday (01/11/2024 at 20:00 Moscow time)!


Main prize - Metzger Hypebeast with tail number 01
The first person to have 25 victories in racing wars will receive it!

We invite everyone to purchase tickets.

Short rules:
- input 10 URX
- some XLT for gas
- limit of 20 participants
- DeathMatch mode
- duration 1 hour
- in 1 hour you need to collect the maximum number of victories

There is time to buy a Car and practice racing with a bot!
The car can also be purchased for URX, prices are on the website, and instructions are in the previous post.
To pay commissions in the game, you will need some XLT when purchasing NFT cars while the offer is valid - a
2xlt bonus for each car to pay for commissions.


We are looking forward to seeing you!
Team UFG and UR 2035


Official resources:

United Financial Group  UFG market  Facebook  Telegram chat  You-t  VKontakte