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News Sales for NFT cars

Sales for NFT cars

Dear partners!
We are announcing the start of sales for NFT cars at our store at the following address: 

You can buy NFT with both USDT and URX. The price in URX can be found on the UR 2035 website, the link is provided in the store's instructions.

Anyone who has invested in the development of UR2035 can use their URX to purchase NFT cars. To do this, please contact our Telegram chat and submit an application. The list of sold cars will be formed based on the time of your application. Each car has its own unique number.

NFT cars can already be used to participate in racing battles with other participants. The next tournament will take place on January 11th, and information and conditions will be published soon.


Official resources:

United Financial Group  UFG market  Facebook  Telegram chat  You-t  VKontakte