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Unreal Racing 2035

Terms of participation in the round "A" of project financing.

URD – erc20 investment token of the Unreal Racing 2035 project (total emission 10,000 URD)

URX – erc20 game token of the Unreal Racing 2035 project (total emission 22,000.000 URX)

XLT - XLiteToken (total emission 10,000.000 XLT)

1. Payment and crediting of the account takes place on the UFG website in the Unreal Racing 2035 section.

2. 1000 URX erc20 gaming tokens are credited per 1 URD. 

3. Be sure to indicate your erc20 wallet in a special section of UFG back-office. The purchased tokens URX URD will be credited to it

4. Investment URD tokens will be credited after the launch of the game.

5. The transfer of URX tokens to your ERC20 wallet will be made after the end of sales on the UFG platform

6. Profit is distributed evenly among all URD tokens (total emission 10,000 URD)

7. Accrual of profit is included in the smart contract and will take placeinstantly in real time from the moment the game is launched and all in-game transactions begin

8. If you invited a partner, he registers using your link on the ufgpro.com website

Your partners previously registered in the UFG structure are also taken into account

9. Affiliate program: you are credited with 200 URX game tokens for 1URD of your investor partner UR2035

10. Instructions:

- Payment: payment is made in USDT trc20, another payment system only from support telegram

11. Site UR 2035 open

12. Telegram channel UR 2035 open

13. Project overview open

14. Game scenario open

15. Tokenomics of the project open

16. Blockchain open

17. Telegram channel Yllo labs open